Web Design and Development

We’re a team of specialists who focus more on finding solutions to your online problems, and less on boxing you into a service plan. You’ll work with us so we can consider every angle of your project to produce a website that’s  more than just a pretty face. 

Responsive Custom Design

80% of users expect a mobile site to be as good or better than the desktop version. Our sites sit on one bed of code that functions across devices.

Technical SEO

100% of our sites feature a solid SEO foundation based on technical SEO standards. Although slower, this will help your site grow in rankings.

Easy Updates

We make WordPress sites that don't look like standard WordPress sites. You get a great looking custom site that's easy to maintain and easy to scale.

Our Process

Discovery and Kickoff

We spend a lot of time asking questions to drill down and discover the personality we want to convey as part of the online experience.


User Personas / Proto Personas

It’s important to cater the website to those you know will use it the most. We will help you identify your top users and derive insights from their assumed characteristics.

Proto Personas are based on assumptions we make about the user. They are quicker to complete but still offer valuable information.

Brand Strategy

Mood Boards

Based on requirements gathering and examples of websites you provide, we will produce collages of elements that embody the style of your website and the overall user experience.

A mood board is effective in conveying a tone or personality through typography, colors, and structural elements. Moving forward, the board you choose will help dictate the visual design of the website.

Brand Strategy

Style Guide

Once the site is live, we will also deliver 2 versions of a brand style guide related to the website. This document will include all the design details we used to create the website, including typefaces and sizes, button styles, colors, spacing, etc..

Brand Strategy


The overall structure to your website. We will help you consolidate all the business requirements into a flow that’s attractive and provides an intuitive user experience. This will become our main reference for developing the website.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Content is King - a common theme across the web. We break down each page by the content it will hold and create documents and spreadsheets that help us pinpoint exactly what sections and copy will live where.

These will be live documents and your team will have full access to modify and update as you wish. Each page will be accompanied by a sketch/wireframe of the proposed design.

This is an important step for digital marketing, especially for small businesses.

We go through a process of keyword research that includes additional competitive analysis specific to content. Our research includes more than just Google’s keyword tool and allows us to really figure out what type of questions actual consumers have.

For each page in your small business website design we identify a primary and secondary keyword that will then be accented by more long tail keywords, and build the page to rank. We aim to make search engines truly understand what each page on your website is meant for.

Content Strategy

Design and Development

Each page is designed and developed in tandem. For example, we will design a static visual example of the home page. Once you are satisfied with the direction of the design, we will begin to develop that page while beginning visual design on the next page. So on and so forth until the entire site is developed.

This allows you the opportunity to make design changes early on without waiting for a completed website and realizing you’d prefer something else. Our goal is to deliver a product with which you are 100% satisfied and allow unlimited design revisions until that satisfaction rate is met.

With this process, there is no down time on our end waiting for signatures. We work on all pages in tandem, live in testing, so you can see real progress on your small business website design. We focus on keeping a holistic design for the website and never lose track of the message you’re trying to send.

Design and Development

QA / Testing

Testing is vital to the success of your website launch. We want to ensure there are as few bugs as humanly possible. This means rigorous testing on our end as well as yours. We expect your team to attempt to break the site and discover any items that need fixing.

Design and Development


On your host or ours, we’ll launch the site off peak hours to minimize any user impact. Once live, we’ll set up analytics and event tracking to measure user engagement and any relevant KPIs such as form submissions or specific page views. We can also show your team how to navigate the analytics portal and produce reports that show website engagement over time.



We set up analytics and event tracking to monitor site performance and track relevant KPIs. Having data is a wonderful thing.


Website Training

The final step is to make you an expert with your website. Update content, change existing designs, and even build new layouts. We'll show you how to manage everything you see on the front-end.


Digital Marketing

Now you have an amazing small business website design. After the site launches we have to work hard to drive visitors to your site. We’ll employ industry standard and creative tactics to leverage everything we learned about your business while building your website. The goal is to get to the first page of search results and we work hard to get you there. An awesome beginners guide


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